The inaugural Auckland gathering of NZCIJ

Dear journalists and those who love journalism,

You are invited to the inaugural Auckland gathering of the New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism at AUT University’s Media Centre on Saturday November 21, 2015.

The Auckland event will offer a short, punchy serving of journalism that will run from 12pm through to 5.30pm, at which time those attending will be invited to gather for a few drinks nearby.

The gathering builds on the two excellent annual conferences run by Nicky Hager, Keith Ng and Dr James Hollings. Like those events, the Auckland chapter will offer the chance to learn new skills and share ideas with those interested in investigative journalism.

The speakers include:

  • Mihingarangi Forbes and Annabelle Lee-Harris on the challenges posed reporting on spending allegations at the Kōhanga Reo National Trust while working for Māori Television’s Native Affairs;
  • University of Auckland statistics professor Thomas Lumley on the way journalists handle numbers and the awful errors we have made;
  • Media lawyer Helen Wild on covert reporting – the legal pitfalls, ethical dangers and how to operate safely undercover;
  • An insider’s lessons on the Official Information Act – how to phrase requests to get what you need, and what to look for when you think you’re being fooled;
  • NZ Herald data programmer Caleb Tutty on the amazing apps for crunching data, recording calls and interrogating information dumps that can take your reporting to a new level.

We also plan on having a special guest speaker who will talk about why investigative journalism matters.

Registrations are now open. We’re seeking $20 from those who are working and $5 from those who are not, simply to cover costs.

The gathering is open to all journalists, journalism students and teachers, authors, film-makers and others interested in or actively doing investigative journalism. Please spread the word to those you think may be interested.

Put the date in your diary and register now.


David Fisher, Donna Chisholm, Sharon Fergusson, Julie Starr and Greg Treadwell – The Auckland chapter organisers

Venue details

Date: Saturday November 21, 2015
Time: 12pm-5.30pm (Registration opens at 11.15am)
Where: AUT University Media Centre, Level 5, Sir Paul Reeves Building (aka WG), Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland.
Map: Here’s the building on a Google map.
Map of Sir Paul Reeves Building
Parking: Two nearby parking buildings are the Civic and Wilson Parking on Wakefield Street.
Other travel: Try Auckland Transport’s Bus-Train-Ferry page.
Questions & Cancellations: Drop Julie a line.